by Lisa Rose

Disappointments come, that just the way it goes. We try so hard not to let them show, but that doesn't make them go. They just stand in front of you laughing saying I told you it would never work. We wonder how will we ever go on with so much to overcome. The way seems so hard, how can we go on?

Yet how can we not go on? We have come so far. Many trials lay overcome in the path we have already traveled. Though this trial seems worse than before, so did the others. And with God to guide us and strength from victories already won, we must travel on for soon we will triumph.


by Lisa Rose

Unexpected call and suddenly your world is changed.  There are times when it feels like the Earth is spinning faster than your equilibrium can handle.  You feel off balance and overwhelmed.  Wondering which crisis to deal with first you feel paralyzed to move at all.

There is so much that we do not know.  Sure technology puts information, sometimes to much information at our fingertips.  But for all the ways to look up "why did this happen" and for the thousands of so called "answers" that will glare at you from the screen, nothing takes away the questions you have.

Scripture tells us that there is nothing that takes God by surprise.  He sees and knows all things.  He is in that moment and He understands.  All He asks is that you trust Him, Trust Him in that moment and He will take you through all the uncertainty of the coming moments.

Father thank you for being right here right now in this moment.  help me to trust you and know that my future is in your hands.

God's Timing

by Lisa Rose

Just as the wind cannot be seen, My ways cannot always be seen.

But I will reveal them to you as I choose.

I know what you have need of as well as I know when you need it.

Don't be impatient, but wait on Me.

For My timing is perfect.

My timing is not the problem but rather your unwillingness to surrender everything to Me.

My will must replace every ounce of your will.

My love must replace every bit of anger you hold within.

You must allow My peace to overcome every doubt and fear.

​Then and only then can My plan be perfected in your Life.


by Lisa Rose

"The precious is the Worthless", I saw this quote on a friend Facebook page a while back. It has stuck with me, so I thought maybe I could share with you tonight.

Precious = of great value high price; highly esteemed or cherished excessively refined.  Worthless = lacking worth, valueless, contemptible, despicable, of no use; of no use or value without merit; good for nothing.  I think that we can all come up with a list of each. Some items on our list would match, but some may not. For example for mere piece of scrap wood is worthless, but to my cousin it is a beautiful piece of art to be carved.  In a world of modern conveniences, we find it easy to discard unused and unwanted things. Yard sales give us evidence of that. We use paper plates and plastic utensils, we throw away things we have no use for. Babies are aborted, the elderly are locked away in nursing homes and forgotten. The poor are shunned, the handicapped are mistreated.

"Warning: Reflection in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty"

My favorite author Max Lucado has a series of children's books that I love. "Best of All" is the story of Ms. Best Stovall who thinks she is above all the other because she is made of maple. While Punchinello made of willow is considered of no value. But in the end it is Punch who saves the life of Ms. Best Stovall. See Eli (symbolic of God) made Punch and reminds him that as the maker He knows best, even if the others can't or refuse to see it.

The Bible tells us in 1 Samuel 16:7 that God looks at the heart and in Matthew 10:29-31 that God values you. So no matter what label - "precious" or "worthless" anyone, even you, may put on your life, God sees you as "cherished and excessively refine". You are precious to Him "As you come to him, the living stone rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to Him"

To Be Called By Name

by Lisa Rose

As infants we are given a name by our parents. Sometimes it is a name passed down from generation to generation. Other times it is a name of a popular movie star or song writer. Still other names are just popular during certain years for some reason, and all the sudden everyone is naming their baby “Allison” or “Meagan”. Then there are those names that are given simply because it is all that the mother can think of after such an exhausting experience

It is amazing how random our name can be, and yet how very important it becomes. Your name gives you identity. We can’t all be called girl or guy (though some are given this very unique name – smile). Though we may know 5 other people with your same first name, it is rare to find another with your exact name.

As children, most learn quickly that when mom or dad calls you by your first, middle and last name it usually means trouble. Or who of us with siblings, have not at least once in our lives been called by our brother or sister’s name? In marriage, a man gives his name to his beautiful bride, and a woman lays down her own name to take up his. In legal matters we are asked to sign our full legal name on the dotted line. And thank God our paychecks go to a bank account with our personal name on it. We know that the house is ours, because the deed is in our name. The child belongs to us because he or she carries our last name. When we hear it we immediately look to see who might be trying to get our attention. At Christmas we hope that our name appears on several of the brightly wrapped packages under the tree. On our birthday, our name is iced onto a cake with well wishes, and a song is modified just for us (Happy Birthday [insert name here]).

​Yes our name is a very important part of our life. So when we read in the Bible that God knows us by name, that He calls us by name. We know how important we are as individuals to Him. We know that the God of the universe, who created everything, and is above all, loves us personally. Not in some general way, that oh I love those people down there. No He loves You – you personally. God loves [insert name here] personally. What a wonderful thing to know that you are loved so much, so individually.

Prayer: Father thank you for loving me as an individual. For reminding me that you call me by name. What a feeling to know that you God of the universe know and speak to me as an individual. Forgive me for ever having low self-esteem, for I am important to you. Help me to live my life in a way that is pleasing to you. Help me show others that you love them too.